Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Books2Read work?

Books2Read is a reader-facing site featuring book discovery tools developed by indie-publishing service Draft2Digital. Were 100% indie and 100% awesome at finding books that will make you happy.

Books2Read will help you keep track of your favorite indie authors new releases, discover books, and find great reads at the digital store of your choice.

We currently offer two free services: New Release Notifications and Universal Book Links. Check back soon to sign up and start getting great recommendations for indie books.

What will this cost me?

All of our services at Books2Read are completely free. We’re here to help you find your next favorite book.

What’s a Universal Book Link?

Universal Book Links provide a single URL that an author, publisher, or fan can share online. Instead of linking to just one digital bookstore (or posting lots of links to lots of different stores), an author can share one Universal Book Link, and readers can follow it to reach the book on their favorite store.

If you want a really detailed explanation, you can learn more about how Universal Book Links benefit authors and readers.

What happens when I click a Universal Book Link?

The first time you click a Universal Book Link, it’ll bring you to a landing page here at Books2Read, where we’ll show you a list of all the bookstores connected to that book. You can click to see the book on any of those stores.

We’ll also give you the chance to save that store as your Preferred Store. If you do, we’ll automatically send you to that store whenever you click any Universal Book Link anywhere on the internet.

You may never see our lovely site again. Convenient, eh?

What are Book Tabs?

Book Tabs are pages that will provide authors more control and discoverability about their book(s). They present their books with cover images and descriptions and are powered by UBLs to make it fast and easy for authors to distribute their story.

What are Author Pages?

Author pages are a central place where readers can learn more about them and find all of their work. It provides a single platform from which you can browse and discover new titles, series and information.

Why don’t I see my favorite store listed for every book?

Not every book is available on every store. It’s also possible to create a Universal Book Link that’s missing a store (even if the book is for sale there).

If you click a link that doesn’t support your Preferred Store, we’ll show you the list of places where the book is available. We can also let the author know that someone wanted to see it on that store. Maybe it’ll help!

Can I change my store once I choose a preference?

Sure! There’s a place to do it on the front page, but you can also change your Preferred Store right here.