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Terry Persun

Terry Persun's books have taken readers to the uncharted worlds near the edge of the galaxy ("Hear No Evil"), to lands where shape shifters battle humans (the "Doublesight" series), to the near future in both technology ("The Killing Machine" and "Revision 7:DNA") and shamanism ("The NSA Files" and "The Voodoo Case"), all while keeping the pace with thriller/suspense novels. He's also ventured into history ("Sweet Song" and "Ten Months in Wonderland"), contemporary crime ("Man by the Door" and "Mistake In Identity"), and mainstream novels ("The Perceived Darkness", "Wolf's Rite", and "Deception Creek"). 

Despite his adventures into other worlds, altered states, and other people's lives, he is said to be fairly average--but that's not a consensus by any means. 

Persun lives in Washington state with his wife, seven horses, dozen or so chickens (at any one time), and several cats (a few strays). There's no telling what animals will come to live with them next. When he's not writing or with the animals...well, you probably won't see him--except here: www.TerryPersun.com