About the author

Terry Persun

<p>Terry Persun&#39;s books have taken readers to the uncharted worlds near the edge of the galaxy (&quot;Hear No Evil&quot;), to lands where shape shifters battle humans (the &quot;Doublesight&quot; series), to the near future in both technology (&quot;The Killing Machine&quot; and &quot;Revision 7:DNA&quot;) and shamanism (&quot;The NSA Files&quot; and &quot;The Voodoo Case&quot;), all while keeping the pace with thriller/suspense novels. He&#39;s also ventured into history (&quot;Sweet Song&quot; and &quot;Ten Months in Wonderland&quot;), contemporary crime (&quot;Man by the Door&quot; and &quot;Mistake In Identity&quot;), and mainstream novels (&quot;The Perceived Darkness&quot;, &quot;Wolf&#39;s Rite&quot;, and &quot;Deception Creek&quot;).&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Despite his adventures into other worlds, altered states, and other people&#39;s lives, he is said to be fairly average--but that&#39;s not a consensus by any means.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Persun lives in Washington state with his wife, seven horses, dozen or so chickens (at any one time), and several cats (a few strays). There&#39;s no telling what animals will come to live with them next. When he&#39;s not writing or with the animals...well, you probably won&#39;t see him--except here: www.TerryPersun.com</p><p></p>