Dark Wood: A Traveler's Journal Companion Novel

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About the author

Tiffani Collins

She couldn’t run, so she learned to ride horses. She couldn’t dance, so she studied martial arts. She couldn’t sing, so she picked up the violin. When asked what she wanted do when she grew up, she said “work with animals,” so she became a Veterinarian Technician and did that for fifteen years. When she got tired of wrestling dogs and herding cats, she got a job at her local library where she gets to talk about books with other bookworms all day long. She reads to keep sane and she writes… well, she writes because what’s more fun than that?

     Tiffani Collins lives in a small rural town in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.  When she’s not braiding hair at Renaissance Fairs, spending time with friends, or helping library patrons find their next favorite read, she’s working on her next writing project.