About the author

Tiffani Collins

<p>She couldn&#8217;t run, so she learned to ride horses. She couldn&#8217;t dance, so she studied martial arts. She couldn&#8217;t sing, so she picked up the violin. When asked what she wanted do when she grew up, she said &#8220;work with animals,&#8221; so she became a Veterinarian Technician and did that for fifteen years. When she got tired of wrestling dogs and herding cats, she got a job at her local library where she gets to talk about books with other bookworms all day long. She reads to keep sane and she writes&#8230; well, she writes because what&#8217;s more fun than that?</p><p>&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; Tiffani Collins lives in a small rural town in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.&#160; When she&#8217;s not braiding hair at Renaissance Fairs, spending time with friends, or helping library patrons find their next favorite read, she&#8217;s working on her next writing project.</p>