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Adam Hythe

Adam Hythe is a Sussex man and is often to be found wandering the downs and marshlands, getting windswept and muddy in the name of inspiration.
He is author of the Weolden Yarns series of short stories and other fantasy and sci-fi short stories.

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WEOLDEN YARNS #WeoldenYarns are stories set in the present day and at various other periods of history, primarily in the south eastern English county of Mithelsex. 

Mithelsex lies snug between Sussex and Kent with the Weold, the massive, horseshoe shaped rump of downland, encircling the county like a maternal and muscular arm. 
This effective geological and, to a large extent, psychological protectorate ensures Mithelsex continues to staunchly retain her distinct and individual personality.
There is an old proverb: "Ne'er bestep the Shrowde on a sunny night, Lest there be summat acomin' on."
This is Mithelsex. Where adventures can lead anywhere. Once over the hills.

The WEOLDEN YARNS introduce this world and characters that will in time inhabit forthcoming books, series and serials. 

There are also a few sci-fi and other short stories not in this series such as Like Blood in Rain, a gothic dark fantasy romance and Her Master's Choice, a snappy little A.I. sci-fi story.

A series of novellas in the Weolden Yarns series is planned for future publication.