About the author

Adam Hythe

<p>Adam Hythe is a Sussex man and is often to be found wandering the downs and marshlands, getting windswept and muddy in the name of inspiration.<br /> He is author of the Weolden Yarns series of short stories and other fantasy and sci-fi short stories.<br /> <br /> Please visit adamhythe.com for more details.<br /> <br /> WEOLDEN YARNS #WeoldenYarns are stories set in the present day and at various other periods of history, primarily in the south eastern English county of Mithelsex.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Mithelsex lies snug between Sussex and Kent with the Weold, the massive, horseshoe shaped rump of downland, encircling the county like a maternal and muscular arm.&nbsp;<br /> This effective geological and, to a large extent, psychological protectorate ensures Mithelsex continues to staunchly retain her distinct and individual personality.<br /> There is an old proverb:&nbsp;&quot;Ne&#39;er bestep the Shrowde on a sunny night, Lest there be summat acomin&#39; on.&quot;<br /> This is Mithelsex. Where adventures can lead anywhere. Once over the hills.<br /> <br /> The WEOLDEN YARNS introduce this world and characters that will in time inhabit forthcoming books, series and serials.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> There are also a few sci-fi and other short stories not in this series such as Like Blood in Rain, a gothic dark fantasy romance and Her Master&#39;s Choice, a snappy little A.I. sci-fi story.<br /> <br /> A series of novellas in the Weolden Yarns series is planned for future publication.</p>