A Trick for the Treaters

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Catherine Adams Webb

 Hello, I am Catherine Adams Webb A.K.A. Crazy Cat. I was born July 7th 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts. I wrote my first play in second grade and have continued writing throughout my life. I enjoy creating characters that are very special and unique as I hope you can tell by my stories. I write All Genres, I really don't have any special style, I just go with the flow of my hand holding on to the pen and Away We Go! If you would like to know about me more in detail please go to my web site I created on Word Press. I am sorry that there are no Special Effects Or Graphics, But I am not very computor Saavy and I never had much money to hire anyone. But if my thoughts could transform into my web site WHEW! It would be Great, I do have a Great Imagination. Please Read My Stories and Enjoy. I am self publishing because I cannot afford and Editor or A Publisher so please forgive my Typo Errors. The Story is Very Uniquie And Entertaining and I beleive that is what you will remember about it, not my Typo Errors. Thank You for understanding and I will continue to work on Perfection. Sincerely, Catherine Adams Webb A.K.A. Crazy Cat