About the author

Catherine Adams Webb

<p> &nbsp;Hello, I am Catherine Adams Webb A.K.A. Crazy Cat. I was born July 7th 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts. I wrote my first play in second grade and have continued writing throughout my life. I enjoy creating characters that are very special and unique as I hope you can tell by my stories. I write All Genres, I really don&#39;t have any special style, I just go with the flow of my hand holding on to the pen and&nbsp;Away We Go! If you would like to know about me more in detail please go to my web site I created on Word Press. I am sorry that there are no Special Effects Or Graphics, But I am not very computor Saavy and I never had much money to hire anyone. But if my thoughts could transform into my web site WHEW! It would be Great, I do have a Great Imagination. Please Read My Stories and Enjoy. I am self publishing because I cannot afford and Editor or A Publisher so please forgive my Typo Errors. The Story is Very Uniquie And Entertaining and I beleive that is what you will remember about it, not my Typo Errors. Thank You for understanding and I will continue to work on Perfection. Sincerely, Catherine Adams Webb A.K.A. Crazy Cat&nbsp;</p>