Sin Perdón

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David R. Stevens

Although Sin Perdón is the author’s first book to go to publication, there are about eight works, currently in progress, “waiting in the wings,’ at various stages of completion. All the author’s books, including Sin Perdón deal loosely with that most devastating, critical period in American History when over 600,000 men, women, and children perished in the multi-faceted conflict – many issues of which were never really ‘resolved,’ but still haunt and plague U.S. politics, today. The author’s total ‘civil war knowledge’ (from the public school system) could be summed-up in three phrases: “the South had slaves;” “the North didn’t like it;” ‘the North invaded the South and ‘forced the issue,” (resulting in the ‘freeing’ of 3 million enslaved people – which, in fact, these peoples were never ‘freed,’ as they are still depended on a hand-out in order to survive). Equally, all ‘peripheral connections’ with that American conflict were virtually unknown.