Der mittlere Seraphis und die fünfte Dimension

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About the author

Antonio Carlos Pinto

I'm Antonio Carlos Pinto, an independent Brazilian writer who lives to tell fiction stories that mess with the human mind! With a few books published, my literary style, called "Sombroespério," is a unique blend of gothic, romantic, modernist, and post-modernist, challenging norms and diving into the depths of imagination.

I was born and raised in the majestic mountains of Maranguape, Ceará, where the roots and stories of the "Pitaguarys" inspired me from an early age. But my journey was also marked by difficult personal challenges, including the loss of a son to cancer in 2020 and a painful separation from my wife in 2023, experiences that shaped my view of life and influenced my writing in profound ways.

In addition to writing, I'm passionate about visual art and find inspiration in the colors and shapes of painting to bring the most complex emotions to life. I'm looking forward to sharing my stories and my unique view of the world with you and everyone who ventures into my universe of Sombroespério, where light and darkness dance together.

Professional Experience:
- Independent Writer: (2002) - Present
- Highlighted Works: Several books already published, including successes like Maya & Alex and The Mechanized Sun
- Literary Style: Creator of "Sombroespério," a mosaic of influences that challenge conventions
- Speaker and Creative Facilitator: I share my passion for writing and art at events and workshops

- (Fiction Writer)
- (Painting and Art)

- (My contact email can be found in my books).