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William A. Gray, Ph.D.

William A. Gray, Ph.D.

President of Mentoring Solutions®

After earning a B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, I immigrated to Canada in 1970 at the suggestion of my major professor and mentor, who was from British Columbia. For the next 15 years I taught at the University of British Columbia, where I first began developing formalized mentoring programs.

Seeing the benefits that carefully planned mentoring produced for proteges, mentors and the sponsoring organization, I left academia in 1986 to devote myself full-time to developing mentoring programs [along with my wife and business partner, Marilynne Miles Gray]. Together, we organized and sponsored the First International Conference on Mentoring (held in Vancouver, July 1986), and for the next six years published the only journal on mentoring – called Mentoring International.

I have trained over 20,000 mentor-protege partners to work together, using Gray's Mentor-Protege Relationship Model™ and materials we especially developed, such as the Mentoring Compatibility Indicator™, Mentoring Style Indicator™, Mentoring Action Plan™, Mentoring Agreement™, and Protege Needs Inventory™.  Over 150 organizations have asked me to help them custom develop different kinds of mentoring programs for a wide variety of proteges and purposes; these organizations include companies, government agencies, colleges and universities, and school systems.

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