The Most Gracious Gazillionaire Volume 2: “My Grace is Sufficient for You…”

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About the author

Simone A. Clarke

Simone A. Clarke is a Jamaican who was raised in West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica.

In January 2012, Ms. Clarke left Jamaica to pursue graduate studies in Childhood Mathematics Education at City University of New York – Brooklyn College. During her first semester, one of her assignments was to write a mathematics storybook for children. Ms. Clarke wrote Gigi’s Encounter with Temperature. By the time she graduated in 2014, her desire to research, write and educate both children and adults using the performing arts had soared.

After growing weary with the lingering emotional pain of a divorce, Ms. Clarke found therapy in expressing her thoughts in poetry starting in November 2014. As she wrote, her desire to study the “Gospel of the Grace of God” (Acts 20: 24 KJV) deepened.

She succeeded in writing The Most Gracious Gazillionaire in three volumes:

Volume One – Be Yourself and Walk in Purpose

Volume Two – “My Grace is Sufficient for You”  

Volume Three – Experience the “Limitless Riches of His Grace” 

Ms. Clarke uses her poetry to assist with teaching “The Gospel of the Grace of God.” Her pieces are also used to inspire others to “Launch out into the Deep,” understand their identity in Christ Jesus and walk in their calling and purpose. She also writes lyrics to help with recall of mathematics concepts and facts.

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