Enemy Mine

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Toni Jackson

I've been reading everything I could since the age of 5 - Shakespeare, Hans Christian Anderson, The Original Grimm's Fairy Tales, my older brother's school books (I was desperate!), and my mother's romance novels. By the time I started Junior High school, I was already beginning to crank out my own mini series featuring cute boys that I would see traveling back and forth to school.

It wasn't until I got older, however, that I settled down and began to seriously focus on writing. A friend of mine dragged me off to writing classes at a local college and everything took off from there.

For the past several years, I've been writing a character on a superhero blog named Terra Stone.  With Terra, I was able to feed my love of writing and science fiction, since Terra was the only alien on the team. At some point, I'll go back and write her back story, but for now, I'm content jotting down the strange  ideas that come to mind and shaping them into something worth reading.

​Member of RWA; RWA Cultural, Interracial and Multicultral Chapter, RWA Washington DC Chapter