Pale Moon: Falling

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R T Green

I guess if it came down to summing up my work in one sentence, Kate Winslet said it best...

 “You don’t choose who you fall in love with, do you?”

Those words are oh so true. I write love stories, but always with a hint of the unusual. Ok, perhaps more than a hint, much of the time! I weave those love stories into plots that are often many-layered, which I try to craft into good storytelling. I like to create something different, so you will never find a regular romance novel on my shelf… and quite frankly, there are a whole lot of brilliant writers out there who do that kind of thing way better than I would.

So if you enjoy a love story with an equally-important fast-paced (and often epic!) plot wrapped around it, then my books may appeal to you. If you’re unsure, well… all I can ask is you give me a try. I may just surprise you!

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