Enlightened Path Towards the True Essence of Geeta

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Abhijit Anant Telang

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After traversing, discovering and learning through last 20 years of professional career, I have taken up writing to express simple, honest, candid and intuitive views. In doing so, I hope to present a unique and intellectually honest perspective in my forthcoming books.

Essence of Karna's Ordeal is my first such attempt. Hope you like it.

The second book is about a relatively new phenomenon that aspirants should be aware about:

Understanding Psychotic Chasers: Why it is important to know who they are, what they practice and how to deal with them?

My subsequent books on the sacred Indian epic of Ramayana, based on my own interpretation of Ramcharitmanas by Shri Tulasi Das, are also available. 

Recently, first part of my Book Thinking in Statistics has been published. 

Bhaja Govindam (This book)  is my latest write up based on composition by great Indian Saint Adi Shankaracharya who lived in 8th century India.

Will be glad to get your reviews/comments.