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Abhijit Anant Telang

<p>edit biographydelete</p><p>Biography</p><p>After traversing, discovering and learning through last 20 years of professional career, I have taken up writing to express simple, honest, candid and intuitive views. In doing so, I hope to present a unique and intellectually honest perspective in my forthcoming books.<br /> <br /> Essence of Karna&#39;s Ordeal is my first such attempt. Hope you like it.<br /> <br /> The second book is about a relatively new phenomenon that aspirants should be aware about:<br /> <br /> Understanding Psychotic Chasers: Why it is important to know who they are, what they practice and how to deal with them?<br /> <br /> My subsequent books on the sacred Indian epic of Ramayana, based on my own interpretation of Ramcharitmanas by Shri Tulasi Das, are also available.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Recently, first part of my Book Thinking in Statistics has been published.&nbsp;</p><p>Bhaja Govindam (This book)&nbsp; is my latest write up based on composition by great Indian Saint Adi Shankaracharya who lived in 8th century India.<br /> <br /> Will be glad to get your reviews/comments.<br /> <br /> Abhijit</p>