The Para Chronicles 2

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About the author

Chad Stambaugh

Chad Stambaugh is a Fiction and Non-Fiction author. A Business Owner during the day. Chad is also a Paranormal Investigator and full-time writer. He's spent the last decade reading all kinds of books and writing blogs about the paranormal. His latest novel, The Devil Within is his first fiction novel after writing predominately non-fiction.

Chad Stambaugh is a 4-time Paranormal Award Winner. Non-Fiction Book: Paranormal Investigations, 2013; Non-Fiction Book: The Paranormal Dictionary, 2014; Paranormal Radio Show of the Year; 2015, Non-Fiction Book: Beyond the Veil, 2015, The IPPA Award: International Paranormal Acknowledgement Award. (Only the second American to ever win the Award.) He's also had one of his short stories; "Everyone Hates the Grays." Published in Portable Magic; The Authors First Anthology book.

Chad started his writing career in 2012 by chance. He was looking for a way to teach others how to do Paranormal Investigations. Which led him to writing his first Non-Fiction novel, Paranormal Investigations. He lives in Fresno, Ca and has three children and 3 grandchildren.