The Wisdom of Bali - Inspiration From The Island of Gods

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About the author

Ahmad Dzikran

Born in a small city in West Java Indonesia, i tought by my parents to love our local tradition as Indonesian, that's why i read books on social, history, and culture. My 4 first culture/historical books i read were : Ancient Egypt (Great Ages of Man) Time Life Books, Classical Greek (Great Age of Man) Time Life Books, Byzantium (Time-Life series Ages of Man), and The Religion of Java by Clifford Geertz.

I am a freelance architect and web designer but love to read and write. When i was a young boy, i love reading superhero comics such as : superman, batman, and Marvel's heroes.

I have written dozens of articles and several books in Indonesia on religions, politic, social and history. This title is my fourth ebook published on the net. Other titles are : The Compilation of Wisdom, The Christmas Wisdom, Wisdoms of the Legends.

The Wisdom of Java is first part of Indonesian Wisdom Series, the second and third part will be available soon : The Wisdom of Bali and The Sundanese Wisdom.

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