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Ahmad Dzikran

<p><!--StartFragment-->Born in a small city in West Java Indonesia, i tought by my parents to love our local tradition as Indonesian, that&#39;s why i read books on social, history, and culture. My 4 first culture/historical books i read were : Ancient Egypt (Great Ages of Man) Time Life Books, Classical Greek (Great Age of Man) Time Life Books, Byzantium (Time-Life series Ages of Man), and The Religion of Java by Clifford Geertz.<br /> <br /> I am a freelance architect and web designer but love to read and write. When i was a young boy, i love reading superhero comics such as : superman, batman, and Marvel&#39;s heroes.<br /> <br /> I have written dozens of articles and several books in Indonesia on religions, politic, social and history. This title is my fourth ebook published on the net. Other titles are : The Compilation of Wisdom, The Christmas Wisdom, Wisdoms of the Legends.<br /> <br /> The Wisdom of Java is first part of Indonesian Wisdom Series, the second and third part will be available soon : The Wisdom of Bali and The Sundanese Wisdom. <!--EndFragment--></p><p></p><p>Please visit my website : http://www.digitalbooks.id</p>