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About the author

Karen Carnahan

Welcome to Karen’s Page!

Karen’s favorite thing to write is fiction, both short and long-form. Karen feels it’s best to give her readers a variety. Having a wild imagination, it doesn’t take long for the words to start flowing, filling up the pages as she writes her books.

Karen is located in a small town called Oyster Creek, Texas. For those of you that have no clue where this location is, it’s about an hour Southeast of Houston, Texas. Yep, just three miles from the beach!

These are a few places that Karen’s poetry was published. The Fayetteville Observer Newspaper, Labour’s of Love (Noble Home Publisher), Eternal Portraits (International Library of Poetry), The Best Poems and Poets 2004 (International Library of Poetry), and Whispers (American Poet Society). Karen has also won Editor’s Choice Awards for 2004 and 2005.

Karen has studied Writing Fiction at the Open University, a public research university, and the biggest university in the UK for undergraduate education.

As a dreamer, Karen creates a wondrous place to escape the daily, mundane life to suck you into a wonderful fantasy world. Karen feels reading should be fun, adventurous, with a twist of spice to keep everyone on their toes, whether it’s a book, a short story, or even an article.