The Kainnan Wager: True

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About the author

Belinda Stott

Belinda Stott is a novelist, counselor and international speaker. With her husband Matt, she runs a course called Soul Tour which combines psychology, philosophy and theology to help young adults better understand their own mind, emotions and behavior. 

A prolific traveler (81 countries and counting), Belinda reads obsessively, loves fairs, Jacuzzis, castles and feisty heroines, and watches movies which inspire her to create high-stakes stories that visit other worlds and kingdoms. She is particularly passionate about sagas that bypass the mundane to explore what God and life are really all about, describing her style as a blend of spy stories like 24Alias and the Bourne novels, with a sprinkle of Narnia and the intensity of a Ted Dekker novel.

Belinda lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with Matt and their two creative, adventurous kids, Jasper and Scarlett, (who cameo in Kainnan: The Uncovering). 

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