The Splendid Secrets of 66 Lilly Pilly Lane

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About the author

Elena Paige

Elena Paige is a children's and teen author with a background in counselling psychology.

She loves creating stories which inspire and transform young readers - either through empowering them, entertaining them, or encouraging them to be more creative and imaginative.

Her books, while being filled with magic and wonder, have real life characters with real life issues - like fitting in, trusting yourself, dealing with inner conflict and more!

Her greatest value in life is CREATIVITY - nurturing it, enhancing it and using it! She loves encouraging children to believe in themselves and accept their own way of creating, even if it's outside the box. The most amazing creatives of our time rarely fitted in!

​​​​​​​She always knew magic was real, but when all attempts to bring her favorite teddy to life failed, she adopted a dog instead. Her Moodle dog, named Lucky, is always by her side when she writes.

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