About the author

Elena Paige

<p>Elena Paige loves creating stories which inspire and transform young readers. She writes from the heart and especially loves weaving magic into many of her books. She never releases a book without running it past her two marketing consultants - her daughter, aged 11 who inspects all books for elements of magic, and her son 13, who insists every story must include humor. Of course, they don&#39;t always get their way!<br /> <br /> Her favorite children&#39;s books include The Hobbit, The Faraway Tree adventures, The Lion the witch and the wardrobe, anything Roald Dahl, and her absolute favorite No Flying in the House. As a child, she thought magic was real and used to try to convince her teddy to come to life. Tired of waiting she now has a Moodle (dog) companion that rarely leaves her side.<br /> <br /> Her greatest value in life is CREATIVITY - nurturing it, enhancing it and using it! She loves inspiring children through her school visits to believe in themselves and accept their own way of creating, even if it&#39;s outside the box! The most amazing creatives of our time rarely fitted in!<br /> <br /> On Sunday mornings you can find her hiding under her doona cover reading, while her children are wondering where their favorite book has disappeared to.<br /> <br /> You can find her books at www.ElenaPaige.com</p>