Respect - Finding value in others

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Jaime Buckley

JAIME BUCKLEY IS AN author & professional illustrator, husband, father of 12, grandfather & blogger. When he’s not engaged in hunting monsters, acting as a survival flotation device or a master sliver-picker-outer (just ask his little kids), he’s also a cartoonist, game creator, podcaster and avid teacher.

Jaime is known for his WANTED HERO world and his book Advanced WORLDBUILDING, a guide to assist writers in building fictional worlds faster, easier and in more detail than ever before. What he is best known for, however, is being one of the most genuine and well-loved dads on the internet, obsessed with entertaining families with fictional stories that don't suck.

He lives in Utah with his wife, 12 kids & 10 grandchildren (his organically grown fan club). Jaime loves communicating with readers from all over the world and does so every day. You can connect with Jaime through or