About the author

Jaime Buckley

JAIME BUCKLEY IS AN author &amp; professional illustrator, husband, father of 12, grandfather &amp; blogger. When he’s not engaged in hunting monsters, acting as a survival flotation device or a master sliver-picker-outer (just ask his little kids), he’s also a cartoonist, game creator, podcaster and avid teacher. <br><br>Jaime is known for his <strong>WANTED HERO</strong> world and his book <strong>Advanced WORLDBUILDING</strong>, a guide to assist writers in building fictional worlds faster, easier and in more detail than ever before. What he is <em>best</em> known for, however, is being one of the most genuine and well-loved dads on the internet, obsessed with entertaining families with fictional stories that don't suck. <br><br>He lives in Utah with his wife, 12 kids &amp; 10 grandchildren (his organically grown fan club). Jaime loves communicating with readers from all over the world and does so every day. You can connect with Jaime through JaimeBuckley.com or WantedHero.com.