Stop Killing Your Back with the Secret Power of Emotions

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About the author

Elena Adani

I am a wellbeing professional and coach, my main passion is creating products and new strategies to improve the health and lives of people. I have always been a free spirit, driven by the desire to fight injustice. In fact, it is no coincidence that I was born in 1968, a year of great social and economic turmoil. I never lacked imagination and creativity. Ever since I was young, I would always ask myself the “why” of things, and over the years, I transformed my curiosity into a true passion for holistic health and personal development.

It was difficult to face certain situations and come to grips with my negative emotions, low self-esteem, and tendency to hold others responsible for my problems. In fact, my back was my mind’s favorite part to somatize all my problems, especially for my subconscious.

Thanks to coaching and my commitment to change my life, I was able to transform my suffering into acceptance and perfectly understand what was going on inside me.

Since then I have begun helping people, because I finally felt it was one of my goals in life.

This amazing change has allowed me even to improve my lifestyle and thoughts, and from that moment on I have only attracted good people into my life, including my husband, and increased my interest in natural techniques. Today, I am convinced that the mind and body are tightly connected, and that one lifetime is not enough to understand all the secrets the mind and human body hide.