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Jules Marriner

Jules Marriner was born in Buckinghamshire in the late 1960's, but has never let this hold her back. She started off training as a fashion designer, but soon discovered she was dreadful at this. After making sprout smoothies in Australia for 6 months, she studied at University for a Degree in Illustration and had an epiphany. Her passion is for Children's Books!! 

It was at Uni that she realised that she wanted to spend the days drawing animals doing unlikely things. After a spell in London, she moved to the Isle of Wight which was much more animal friendly, what with all the Red Squirrels and Orang-Utans and started writing and illustrating books for children. 

Jules is currently under the supervision of two teenage children who are too smart for their own good, a nice husband who makes a great cup of tea and two small, naughty dogs who proof read all her written work.