About the author

Jules Marriner

<p>Jules Marriner was born in Buckinghamshire in the late 1960&#39;s, but has never let this hold her back. She started off training as a fashion designer, but soon discovered she was dreadful at this. After making sprout smoothies in Australia for 6 months, she studied at University for a Degree in Illustration and had an epiphany. Her passion is for Children&#39;s Books!!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> It was at Uni that she realised that she wanted to spend the days drawing animals doing unlikely things. After a spell in London, she moved to the Isle of Wight which was much more animal friendly, what with all the Red Squirrels and Orang-Utans and started writing and illustrating books for children.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Jules is currently under the supervision of two teenage children who are too smart for their own good, a nice husband who makes a great cup of tea and two small, naughty dogs who proof read all her written work.</p>