You Call, I Drive

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About the author

J.D. Phillippi

Storytelling has been the lifelong passion for J.D. Phillippi.  Whether it was keeping his mind busy on long family vacation drives or performing in person or on the radio, it's always about the story.  

"I believe that all human communication is storytelling.  Too often we forget that we should always be trying to tell a story.  A novel, a movie or a quarterly financial report, they are all stories.  The information you are trying to share will be retained infinitely better if you remember to tell the story."

Those stories have been written down for years, but always stored away.  At the urging of his family, Phillippi began to work on those stories with publishing in mind.  In July of 2016 his first book was published, "Shorts - A Collection of Short Fiction".  These sixteen stories covered the wide range of his storytelling passion.

He lives in the Richmond, VA area with his wife, grown daughter, and two weird cats.  You can find more about him, plus links to some other writing projects at

You can email him at