About the author

J.D. Phillippi

<p>Storytelling has been the lifelong passion for J.D. Phillippi. &nbsp;Whether it was keeping his mind busy on long family vacation drives or performing in person or on the radio, it&#39;s always about the story. &nbsp;</p><p>&quot;I believe that all human communication is storytelling. &nbsp;Too often we forget that we should always be trying to tell a story. &nbsp;A novel, a movie or a quarterly financial report, they are all stories. &nbsp;The information you are trying to share will be retained infinitely better if you remember to tell the story.&quot;</p><p>Those stories have been written down for years, but always stored away. &nbsp;At the urging of his family, Phillippi began to work on those stories with publishing in mind. &nbsp;In July of 2016 his first book was published, &quot;Shorts - A Collection of Short Fiction&quot;. &nbsp;These sixteen stories covered the wide range of his storytelling passion.</p><p>He lives in the Richmond, VA area with his wife, grown daughter, and two weird cats. &nbsp;You can find more about him, plus links to some other writing projects at</p><p>www.JDPhillippi.com</p><p>You can email him at phlipsidecreative@gmail.com</p>