Diving for a Living

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Robert Acton

No employer pays a diver just for diving he would need another skill… I was welder.
I made my first commercial dive in 1976 (I was 23) for North Sea diving services after being interviewed over the phone about sea sickness and nil visibility. I was apprehensive when I left home after being told that my job was going to be dangerous, and I would be working day and night in pitch black water.
I survived but there were a lot of divers that perished in the early days.
After a few months on this job the company asked me to go out to West Africa (Nigeria). I didn’t even know where Nigeria was and believe it or not I had only flown once before!!! This is a true story of my life as a diver, with the friends I had, the dangers, and the amusing times that I had during my 20 years of commercial diving. I have included many coloured pictures. It's a good story which I hope you will enjoy.