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Margaretha Montagu

Reading is one of my all-time favourite things. I mostly read historical mysteries – don’t you just love that feeling of so completely losing yourself in a book that when you stop reading you feel bereft? I also read non-fiction, mostly self-help books. I am always looking for new strategies that I can use to help the participants of my equine-facilitated personal empowerment workshops here in the south of France. Of course, being convinced that equine-assisted experiential learning is the next best thing to sliced bread, I also read a lot about that.

A few years ago, the writing bug got me. I loved writing right from writing the very first (very badly written) blog post. Eventually, I thought that it may well be an idea to write a book or two based on the knowledge and experience I had acquired by presenting my workshops and reading all those self-improvement books. Obviously, I didn’t just want to repeat what had already been written much more eloquently than I could ever manage. So I started writing from my own experience of living in France, owning and caring for horses, fighting the ever-present threat of losing my sight and presenting my workshops.

I warn you now, I am no best-selling author (yet!) but I poured my heart and soul into each book. It is important to me that my book makes a difference to your life – for the better. Admittedly, the money I earn by selling books is useful too, it allows me to buy the horses the few luxuries that they insist on. 

Please feel free to buy as many of my books as you want and if you are not ready to buy, please subscribe to my blog at so that I can let you know of new book releases and when there are last minute discounts on my Connect with Horses workshops. I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn as Margaretha Montagu. 

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