About the author

T.S. Howard

I’m T.S. Howard, and I am, above all else, a storyteller. I see stories with my two children, who I love unreasonably, with my wife, who is a grand adventure by herself, and in my daily duties. I see stories in the world around me and feel them burn inside until I can put them to page. I see stories in the faces of those I pass who I don’t know and in the lives of those I do. Stories are my life, and it is my undying goal to make them a part of yours.<br>​​​​​​​<br>Ever since the second grade, I knew what I wanted to be: a bestselling author, and I dedicate most of my time to that pursuit. It isn’t a vanity or desire to be a household name that drives me, but that same desire for my characters, their names, and their stories.<br>Still, we aren’t only defined by our largest goals. When I’m not writing, I’m tending to my family, obsessing over the quality of coffee and various cheeses (I am, after all, a millennial), and playing as a hobbyist geologist. I am untenably obsessed with garnets and other gemstones and almost always carry one with me. Similarly, if you see me without my headphones, you can safely understand that I’m having an off-day. Finally, when I’m not writing, reading, cooking, cleaning, looking for something shiny, or listening to music, I’m probably getting my ass kicked in an FPS game online.