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Sophia M. Elan

Sophia M. Elan, aka, "<em><strong>Mediterranean Me</strong>" i</em>s&nbsp;a University of Chicago Law School alum and retired corporate lawyer. She traded her professional career to feed her soul. Sophia is an insatiable foodie and an avid health, fitness and travel enthusiast with a masters degree in natural health and certifications in fitness and nutrition. She happily travels the world with her fourth passport and an unquenchable zest for life in quest of simple pleasures. These passions provide endless inspiration for her literary career. She is currently enjoying the stunning Turkish Riviera while working on her sequel, "<strong><em>Soar: Pretty in Peace: Rewire your Magical Mind to Live Happily Ever Now</em></strong><em>."&nbsp;</em>Wherever she is, you can find her with her trademark smile and her heart overflowing with gratitude and love. You can follow her life, love and travel adventures at&nbsp;https://linktr.ee/mediterraneanme. 🌊🌻🌊