About the author

Mark F Geatches

<p>Mark began writing on an old algae-encrusted backyard hammock. He was already in his mid-forties and the thought of becoming an author had never crossed his mind before that moment. Many believe the thought has still never occurred to him. His zany imagination and utter laziness prodded him toward fiction, where although he has five published books, his apparent lack of talent enables him to enjoy absolute obscurity to this day.</p><p>Mark&#8217;s second passion is music. He attended Florida State university sometime during the late 1800&#8217;s, receiving a Master Degree in Trumpet Performance. He performed professionally for five years before entering the business world. Nowadays, Mark finds listening to music while writing the nexus of focus and inspiration.</p><p>Mark loves God, beer, and his many two and four legged pets.</p>