About the author

Jeremy Gravilore

Author Jeremy Gravilore creates for audiences seeking raw stories. From speculative fiction to vignettes, the mid-Atlantic native writes evocative poetry and thought-provoking prose. Jeremy’s storytelling inspiration stretches across radio, movies, television, live theater, and music. A Gen Xer with an ancient soul, he finds creative influences ranging from the&nbsp;<strong><em>Bible</em></strong>&nbsp;to&nbsp;<strong><em>The Odyssey</em></strong>,&nbsp;<strong><em>1984</em></strong><em>&nbsp;</em>to&nbsp;<strong><em>Lord of the Flies</em></strong>​​​​​​​,&nbsp;<strong><em>The Twilight Zone</em></strong><em> </em>to<em> <strong>Columbo</strong></em>, and&nbsp;<strong><em>Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein</em></strong>&nbsp;to&nbsp;<strong><em>Blade Runner</em></strong>. Jeremy enjoys traveling around America. He loves the natural world, but it is his love for captivating stories of the mind, soul, and civilization that motivates him to construct old worlds and new.