Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich

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About the author

Joanne D. Gilbert

"Before 2010, if anyone had asked me what I'd be doing in my life's 'Third Act,' I would have answered that I'd be a busy grandmother listening to jazz and tending a little garden. 

The last thing I would have imagined was that I'd be traveling throughout the world to interview the indomitable Jewish and Gentile women, who dared to defy the Nazis during the Holocaust. 

But that's exactly what happened!"

Since the begining of Joanne's journey to find, document, and celebrate Woman of Valor, she has dedicated over a decade to researching and interviewing the elderly people who experienced the Nazi Occupation.  Her passion for these women has opened doors to understanding that she hadn't known existed.  

In walking through those doors, Joanne has gained profound friendships.  These close relationships have allowed unique and sacred access to their hearts, souls, and precious memories.  

As a public speaker, Holocaust Educator, Personal Historian, Ghost-Writer, and award-winning Author, Joanne gives voice to women whose voices had been unheard.  In providing that voice, while helping others remember and celebrate Women of Valor, Joanne has found her life's true purpose.

Joanne's audiences are energized by her passion as she effectively conveys the often harrowing experiences of valiant women.  The experience brings awareness and inspiration to listeners young and old.

When Joanne isn't researching, traveling or speaking, she enjoys listening to jazz, and spending time with her family.  She has written and co-authored multiple works, with more coming forth in the future.

Joanne's lifework is threefold: 1) To refute inaccurate stereotypes about Jews and Gentiles during the Holocaust by uncovering and documenting the truth; 2) To educate the general public about women and the Holocaust; 3) Help others honor and celebrate the Jewish and Gentile women who successfully defied the Nazis.