Cannonball Express 3: Train Robbers of Mars

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Kit Kane

It's times like these I wish I had a compelling back story. But nope, sorry, I never tried out for the Olympic squad when I was sixteen, or got trapped in a lift with Samuel L. Jackson. Best I can manage is that I have, under another name entirely, spent the last twenty years writing comedy, drama, and animation for UK television, contributing scripts to a whole bunch of different series, including Academy Award-winning productions from Aardman Animation and the BBC.

Otherwise, I'm just your common or garden working writer. Born and raised in beautiful Scotland, I live there still with my fabulous family, the world's best dog (he's called Rory), and an irresistible urge to write rip-roaring all-fun action-adventure sci-fi stories. If those are the kind of stories you enjoy, I'd love it if you checked out some of mine.