The Redeemer

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M.H. Milrem

​​​​​​​M.H. Milrem grew up in a tiny Danish hamlet, picturesque in all its rural tranquility. She often wonders how such a healthy, wholesome upbringing could bring about the dark and sometimes gruesome tales that thrive in her imagination. Perhaps it is in spite of all the loveliness that surrounds her to this day, or perhaps it is because of it that she allows the darkness to encroach.
In her spare time, she reads anything from horror and epic fantasy to historical fiction and Illustrated Science. She is a firm believer that there is inspiration to be had - and read - in the strangest of places.
She’s always excited to talk about anything from mocha and cats to sea bathing and - of course - the entire Memorian universe on Instagram @mhmilrem.
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