Rightly Wrong or Wrongly Right

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About the author

Sarah Spookychild

I have written to express my emotions since a young age. I have hundreds of poems and story ideas in progress and sitting in my “maybe” pile. I lived through an eight-year abusive relationship during which I found myself unable to write on any of my novels. My ex was jealous of my writing and smashed a computer I stored my writings and I could not locate any of my previous work till the last year. It took me years to overcome the PSTD. I am determined to make my perspective and voice heard. Since my teenage years, I have suffered from depression and anxiety and find that writing is one thing that makes me genuinely happy. It leaves me encouraged and fulfilled. I am a mother to three boys. I still believe in love. I worked at a vet hospital for seven years and love animals, and I have a bachelor's degree of science in animal science from UC Davis. I stopped working due to fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.