Odyssey of the Lion-heart: Captivating Action Adventure Novel

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About the author

O'jay Dimbuh

O’jay Dimbuh was born and raised in the Nigerian southeastern city of Enugu. He is a graduate of Visual Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, majoring in sculpture; he is also a painter.

He has great drive and ambition for his writing, and hopes to become one of the great storytellers of our time. He loves music, drama, and the computer. He has written several published articles, poems, drama, and movie scripts.

He is an entrepreneur, masseur, sports & fitness enthusiast, a martial artist, a voracious reader, and a thinker. He is inspired in life by the outstanding characters of the Bible, and great thinkers, both ancient and modern.

For him, writing is a means of unburdening his spirit, expressing his values, beliefs and concerns for the future – a relief-inducing exercise.

VENGEANCE OF THE GODS – his first prose – epitomizes all these. It is a story through which he has expressed his affinity with his roots.

He lives in Abuja, Nigeria, where he runs his advertising agency.


* Contact O’jay Dimbuh through contact.ojaydimbuh@gmail.com, and visit www.votgs.webs.com to learn more about him.