My Stars Shine Darkly

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About the author

Amy Sundberg

Whether Amy Sundberg is writing romping YA science fiction of self discovery or clever historical fantasy steeped in political intrigue, her novels feature intrepid heroines, refined prose, and questions of agency and power.

When she’s not plotting how to someday have her very own library ladder or elaborate indoor reading tent, Amy is drooling over grand pianos and singing her heart out. She indulges her sweet tooth with some abandon (her favorite treat is pie, followed closely by ice cream). Driven by an insatiable curiosity, she has been lucky enough to travel to six continents. She can be easily coaxed into playing board games or going for a walk at a local park. She has a passion for theater, and she enjoys cooking a variety of delicious soups. She lives in Seattle with her adorable little dog.

For more information visit her website or follow her on Twitter @amysundberg.