Potatoes & Other Criteria: A memoir of mental illness and recovery

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About the author

Kim Garthwaite

Kim Garthwaite was born in Australia from New Zealand and American decent. Her accent often leaves people trying to work out where she’s from.

After graduating as a Registered Nurse, Kim thought she would have a long career in the medical profession, but life had other ideas…

Eventually gaining further qualifications in Clinical Nutrition and Yoga, Kim now spends her time teaching, public speaking about Mental Health, running events, or singing and dancing in the kitchen when no one is watching (except maybe the dog).

She is the founder of Don't Ever Think All Is Lost (DETAIL), a community initiative supporting those with depression and anxiety. DETAIL was born out of a need to find hope, realizing that something can always be tried, explored and learned. Developing a holistic approach to mental health with wellness strategies, to fall back on during difficult times.

She lives in Brisbane, Australia.