Intimate Partner Violence: A Culturally Competent Approach to Clinical Training and Treatment

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About the author

Bill Johnson II

Dr. Bill Johnson (Dr. Bill) is born and raised in the United States in Saint Louis, Missouri. He received his bachelor’s degrees from Central Missouri State University and his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wright State University in Ohio. 

Dr. Bill is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed to practice in the United States and Australia. He has previously published on gender based oppression, racism, reconciling masculinity and mental health. His writing thus provides analysis of the nexus between social justice and psychological counseling. For example, his Doctoral thesis and subsequent scholastic article “Anti-Sexist Black Male Identity” was largely based on his experience providing counseling and therapy to men in an Intimate Partner Violence Intervention program. 

His writings challenge traditional western notions of masculinity and examines the way patriarchal socialization negatively impacts the mental health of men and boys.

"Dr. Bill" is dedicated to becoming a more compassionate, loving, and forgiving human being. In his spare time he is working on his dance moves! You can follow him on Twitter @drbill2012.