Transition Economics - The Science of Sustainability

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Edward Tilley

Edward Tilley is the author of six theses in Economics, Engineering, Education, History, Philosophy, Business, and Government Policy. He's a prodigious essayist, Chairman of Think-tank CSQ Research, and ten-time CEO of WorthWhile Industries, The HomeDeal and more.

Like Constantine and Aristotle, Edward writes books that build sustainable societies. His most recent is his magnum opus "End of War - Managing Mature Capitalisms" - a project for Governments, Educators, and Voters. Other books included "Transition Economics - The Science of Sustainability", "CSQ Common Sense 101" (a Civics & Sustainability Course for High Schools), World Peace - Engineering Sustainable Economies, and The Last Generation. 

Mr. Tilley has written more than 30 scholarly articles on Government Policy, Stages of Collapse, and Social Contract Reset. Look for new books in 2019: Modern Love, and SUSTAIN Project Management Method - see