The Effects of Cannabigerol (CBG) on Skin Disorders - A Narrative Review

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Craig McKay

Craig is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur from Scotland. He has over five years of plant-based cosmetics manufacturing experience. He also co-founded Scotland's first cannabis cosmetics specialist along with CBD beauty brand, Ascend. He is passionate about plant-based skincare solutions, especially skincare solutions built around cannabis compounds like CBD and CBG.

In his spare time, he runs The Basturd Parent & Grandparent Partnership. He is also a proud trustee of Dad's ReUnited, whose collective missions are to help dads and mums wrongly alienated from their children's lives. They raise money and awareness to help them be reunited with them before their parent-child bond is broken beyond repair.

If you know anyone who is struggling to see their children post-separation, feel free to share this link with them. The fantastic team at Parental Alienation UK have put together a fantastic 2021 survival guide -

Craig is also active on LinkedIn, so feel free to drop by and say hello.

Keep an eye on for more detailed papers, research and studies, and more general content on the uses of CBG in skincare solutions.