The King's Secret

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About the author

F.L. Jordan

F.L. Jordan has always enjoyed writing. Be it in her free time, for 4-H competitions, or when she should have been paying attention in class; her pen has been run dry of ink with her imagination since childhood. Anything to escape the monotonous rows of corn and beans growing in her Indiana home. Mythical creatures, people of mysterious power, and the uncomfortable facts of life have always been at the forefront of her musings.
Now, as an adult, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their menagerie of animals on their small farm. The busy summer days keep writing on the back burner, but those long winter nights allow the creativity to flow. 
Through the world full of creative chaos that is her mind F.L. Jordan was able to untangle the details of and publish her first fantasy novel, ‘The King’s Secret’, in the Spring of 2021.  F.L. Jordan hopes to encourage others to pursue their creative dreams and keep their imagination alive, a difficult task in a world full of instant gratification. So please, crack open her latest work and enjoy the journey into her creative mind.