The Kingmaker Series: The Complete Set, Books 1-4

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Gemma Perfect

Thank you for reading The Kingmaker – I hope you enjoyed it.

I started writing it in 2011. I was watching Junior Apprentice on the BBC, and one of the female contestants had to choose which of the two boys in her team would be team leader. She said, “I’m like the Kingmaker,” or words to that effect and something in my brain just sparked.

I wrote about 30, 000 words but then, for some reason I can’t even remember, I ignored it until the summer of 2015. In the mean time I wrote and self-published a set of three children’s books, an adult romance, which was also traditionally published, before coming back to The Kingmaker. I was struggling to write another romance, and questioning whether I should stop writing altogether when I picked The Kingmaker up again. Within four weeks I had written another 40, 000 words. That’s when I realised that I was finally writing what I should be writing – not what I thought I should be writing or what I believed people would want to read. Suddenly it was easy to do and, more importantly, enjoyable again.

I finished the book and sent it off to publishers and agents, hoping that someone would want it.

They didn’t.

I decided to have faith in myself and my writing and self-publish again, but I waited until I had written the whole trilogy first. If readers liked it, I wanted the whole trilogy complete so they wouldn’t have to wait. I know how impatient I am when I read a book I love and want to read the next one straight away.

So on that note, if you enjoyed The Kingmaker, then book two – Seize The Crown and book three – Born to Rule, are both written and available to buy now.

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