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Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb born in Dowagiac.Michigan. USA. 1982. In China, Michael has opened a private office for kids with learning disabilities and offers counseling to those in need, trying different forms and ways for kids to learn faster, and help students in China around pressures of everyday school life. He wishes for the whole world of students lives to improve so they can live a better life, and offer a better future to all.Reading should be a form of counseling and relaxation decompression, worldwide praise, not to feel like a job, not to feel like something they must do, but something they really want to do.His greatest goal in life was to prepare these books, that were easy for kids to read, and that would help them step by step reach a standard level with passion...In early 2012, Michael was invited as a foreign expert to Changchun, Jilin Province, China where he has been teaching oral English for 9 years at Northeast Normal University, No.103 Middle School, whilst also teaching English writing and other related courses.In 2014, the children of special education schools (cerebral palsy, autism, etc.) Michael received a certificate from the school for their mental rehabilitation and adjustment.In 2015, Changchun Entrepreneurship and Employment Expo special foreign expert booths, the on-site display caused huge crowds. Later Michael was awarded the employment certificate of Changchun Army Transfer Center, and did psychological counseling and adjustment and decompression for demobilized soldiers.In April 2016, Changchun Foreign Affairs Bureau went to the International Talent Exchange Conference in Shenzhen, and set up an exhibition booth for foreign experts, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Zibo International Hospital in Shandong Province, etc.From 2016 to present date, with Changchun’s well-known mother-and-child association reached an agreement of cooperation for pregnant women to do prenatal heart decompression, post-natal depression psychological results